Safety, Health & Environment (SHE)

The OH&S policy  is as given under
The management gives top most priority to “SHE” system.

Safety measures under taken by VIVIN Drugs are in compliance with OSHA Operational Safety and Health Authority norms.

As part of regulatory phenomena, we have setup highest soil biotechnology ZLD plant with help of IICT-Bombay and which is working very effectively with that we are able to recycle that water.
We are committed to maintain highest standard of safety, occupational health and environment protection throughout all operation by prevention of pollution injury and ill health and continual improvement of OH&S.

We conduct its all operation and maintain its facilities in a manner of conducive to the creation of health and safe work environment for all personnel and the surrounding community.

We shall comply with all applicable codes, requirements to promote safety occupational health and environment protection by our well qualified & trained personnel.

Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) matters are handled with the same sense of responsibility and methodically as issues quality, productivity and cost -efficiency.
This policy is communicated to all employees and concerning made available to contractors and to public on request:
      1.  Compliance with applicable legal statutory regulatory and other requirements.

2. Creating an OH&S awareness among employees, suppliers and sub-contractors providing
necessary training about OH&S.

3. Monitoring the performance of OH&S management system towards continual
improvement by setting targets on an annual basis.

4. To achieve and maintain zero incidents.

5. To ensure conducive working environment as per safety and environmental standards.

6. This policy shall be documented, implemented, maintained and communicated to all
persons working for are on behalf of the organization and make sure that it is available to
the public.
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