Chairman :
Managing director :
A post graduate with a specialization in organic chemistry.
He possesses three plus decades of sound knowledge and experience about producing quality and cost-effective API’s and Intermediates as per both GMP and regulatory procedures.
His expertise as a technopreneur has set new standards in Production Process Technology (PPT).
His continuous urge in achieving the excellence to have progress and development, is the true nomenclature of Vivin Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Private Limited.
A post graduate with a specialization in bio technology and medical-microbiology.

Her endeavor in academics has achieved best performing scores in Microbiology, bio technology, bio chemistry and immunology as university topper.
An enthusiastic entrepreneur of substance transforming Vivin Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Private Limited “A true global player” in producing quality API’s and Intermediates’ at affordable price.
Her management skills and involvement are the real asset for VIVIN Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Private Limited to achieve its prime objective.
Key activities

We are the part of global scenario and producing world class API’s and drug intermediates as per the standards set for regulatory procedures.
Validated technical procedures are adopted for producing high quality products.
We always maintain its commitment in delivering the products as per the planed schedule.

Our mission

The involvement of the top-level management will always be felt at every stage, as performs its business phenomenon.
While continuing its customized practices, constantly upgrading the processes involved to produce advanced drugs and intermediates and play a very constructive role in offering high quality healthcare products at affordable prices for the humanity.

Management body of VIVIN DRUGS & PHARMACEUTICALS PRIVATE LIMITED is enriched with three decades of unsurpassed success in manufacturing active pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’S), Intermediates and technologically advanced drugs and its various forms in both technical processes and cost-effective procedures while ensuring global standard.
The management is a blend of both advanced process technology and modern management applications poised for sustained growth.

Involment, transparency, retrospection and adoptability in achieving excellence, are the key elements which can always be felt through its practices and actions.

Vivin Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Private Limited-An Efficient Production Process Technology and Management (EPPTM) enabled pharmaceutical business enterprise, engaged the activities of producing quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’S) and Intermediates at affordable price as per procedures set by regulatory standards.
Our vast exposure to manufacture both advanced and conventional products as per Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is the key competency of VIVIN Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Private Limited.

Production capabilities of the multiple manufacturing blocks, situated in the single largest pollution free environment, are in perfect synergy with global standard manufacturing procedures. Thus, enabling to produce large to very high volumes of API’s and Intermediates at affordable prices.
Flexible business process systems are practiced upon mutually supporting product development and also in consolidating huge production volumes.

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